Speaker: Cara Masselink, PhD, OTRL, ATP

Title/Position: Executive Director

Company: Clinician Task Force

About Cara Masselink:

Cara Masselink, PhD, OTRL, ATP, HPCS is an Associate Professor at Western Michigan University in the Doctor of Occupational Therapy program and Executive Director of the Clinician Task Force. Clinical background working with a variety of populations and in various settings led to assistive technology, where Cara found her passion. With a desire to impact equipment access at a greater level, she pursued a PhD in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, which facilitated current research and publications focused on guiding clinical practice for appropriate equipment provision and ensuring access to complex rehab technology equipment for people with complex medical conditions. Cara has engaged in policy reconsideration projects such as Medicare coverage of power seat elevation and power standing and collaborated with clinicians and the assistive technology industry to inform documents that promote change. Cara is also a MiOTA, AOTA, RESNA, and AHA member.