Speaker: Pooja Viswanathan, PhD

Title/Position: CEO

Company: Braze Mobility Inc.

About Pooja Viswanathan:

Dr. Pooja Viswanathan has completed doctoral and post-doctoral research on the development of “smart” wheelchairs that help prevent collisions through various semi-autonomous and autonomous interventions. Pooja has received many awards from prestigious organizations such as Google, and worked at Honda Research Institute in Silicon Valley on state-of-the-art computer vision and robotics technology. She has published several peer-reviewed publications and book chapters (https://www.brazemobility.com/publications), and organized international workshops on “smart” wheelchairs. Pooja was named WXN Top 100 Most Powerful Women and BMO Entrepreneur 2021, and is on Robohub's international list of 50 Women In Robotics You Need to Know 2022. She is currently CEO of Braze Mobility Inc. (a company that developed the world's first and only blind spot sensor system for wheelchairs), and assistant professor in Engineering at the University of Western Ontario.