Speaker: Ralph Lombardo, Chief Business Officer

Title/Position: Chief Business Officer

Company: Elidah Inc

About Ralph Lombardo:

Ralph has held multiple officer and director roles in large multi-billion dollar organizations and most recently in start up - Life Sciences and Medical Device Companies. He has led clinical research departments and national distribution and boasts growing his most recent company from a start-up to treating more than 5 million patients per year. Ralph has experience with complex rehab and urologic and incontinence projects and has led large GPO and IDN initiatives on a national scale. Ralph has secured chain-wide distribution agreements with Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Target, Sam's and more. His passion is helping launch and grow FDA-approved innovations and finding win-win opportunities. Ralph honors and respects VGM and its members and wants to be a part of something special for members and the physicians and patients they serve.