Speaker: Colleen Lance, MD

Title/Position: Chief Medical Officer

Company: React React

About Colleen Lance:

Dr. Colleen G Lance, MD, is a distinguished physician with a career spanning over 22 years in the field of sleep medicine. Dr. Lance's journey has been defined by a commitment to unraveling the complexities of sleep disorders, with a particular emphasis on the crucial intersection between sleep and comorbidities, notably cardiovascular disease. Dr. Lance's personal vision is to leverage every tool at her disposal to improve sleep health and wellness in an individualized, cost-effective, multimodality approach. As a testament to her leadership and expertise, Dr. Lance has held roles as the Medical Director for sleep laboratories at institutions including the Memorial Herman Hospital System, University Hospitals, and the Cleveland Clinic. She has also served as Medical Director of PAP Therapies at Cleveland Clinic Home Care, contributing to the development and implementation of diverse treatment strategies. Her service has included work on the Payor Policy Review Committee and the Political Action Committee with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, as well as being the former president of the Texas Society of Sleep Professionals. In her free time, Dr. Lance enjoys cooking with her family and tracking raptors through conservation programs across North America.