Speaker: Alan Morris

Title/Position: SVP - Strategy

Company: VGM Group, Inc.

About Alan Morris:

Alan Morris is Senior Vice-President of Strategy for VGM & Associates. Alan brings over 17 years of experience in the healthcare space to VGM. With background in industry analysis, research, regulations, and strategy, he has extensive knowledge he can use to ensure that VGM’s members and vendors are educated on executable information to drive successful business strategies. Alan worked for VGM & Associates from 2007 – 2014 where he delivered multiple keynotes, seminars, and webinars on industry regulatory impacts and market trends. Prior to re-joining VGM, he was the Analytics Manager for a large midwestern health system where he led a team of internal consultants and analysts in the healthcare sectors of strategy, finance, clinical, operations, and value-based contracting. He also obtained expertise in healthcare policy, strategic partnership management, and performance management.