Speaker: Sara Laures, ACC, PCP, ELI-MP

Title/Position: Chief People Officer

Company: VGM Group, Inc.

About Sara Laures:

Sara Laures is the Chief People Officer for VGM Group, Inc. where she oversees people and culture strategy, human resources, talent acquisition, organizational development, and facilities management, and manages corporate projects that support the success of VGM’s multiple businesses and its employees. Sara has held roles in multiple VGM businesses during her career. She began at VGM’s HOMELINK division in 1998 and spent five years developing a foundational knowledge of care coordination and its impact on patients’ access to quality healthcare. For 14 years, she was responsible for leadership of VGM Education, spearheading the development of its robust virtual education platform and content. In her current role, she worked to expand workplace flexibility guidelines when VGM transitioned to a work-from-home policy, improving work-life balance of all employees—especially working mothers. Sara has a bachelor’s degree in health services administration from Upper Iowa University. Because of her experience working her way up the corporate ladder, Sara advises and mentors many other aspiring female leaders. As an iPEC certified professional coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, she is a knowledgeable resource for women in the workplace. To further support and recognize employee owners at VGM, Sara has grown Women in Leadership (WIL) at VGM; helps guide the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee; and emcees the VGM Awards ceremony. She also serves on a number of boards and task forces in the Cedar Valley community. Connect with Sara on LinkedIn or email her at Sara.Laures@vgm.com.